I came to ceramics by a circuitous path. After majoring in American History and Literature in college, becoming a practicing Pediatrician for a number of years, and co-authoring a Indian cook-book, I still hadn’t yet found my professional “calling.” Then, in early 1998, I received a coupon for a set of art lessons at the DeCordova Museum. I went through their catalogue looking for something new to try and took a chance on a pottery class.

From the first moment, I loved working with clay. Even when my work shrank, sagged, slumped, separated, warped, cracked, dunted, scummed, bloated, blistered, pin-holed, shivered, crawled, crazed and/or exploded (as it still occasionally does), I loved it. I followed the lessons at DeCordova with more at at the Emerson Umbrella, and at Mudflat Studios.

My first studio was in Waltham, my second in Lowell, and in late 2015, my husband, Joshua Boger (a photographer) and I founded Dirt & Light Arts LLC, and set up a studio/gallery space in Boston. I am now settled into my new studio with my own wheel, kiln, and all the other necessary supplies and devices I need to be self-sufficient. I am looking forward to 2016!

I enjoy experimenting with different techniques, materials and subjects (as can be seen in the galleries on this website), sometimes leaning toward functional work, sometimes toward sculptural, and sometimes a combination of the two. I am fascinated by the mysterious and surprising results of working with colored clays, partially mixed together. I find myself playing with ideas of order and disorder. Lately, I have been especially interested in hands: how they look, how they function, and how they “speak.” Whatever the particular paths I am following, I aspire to make work that is visually interesting, thought-provoking; and, as often as possible, funny.

My work has been shown at the Ayer Lofts Art Gallery, the Arts League of Lowell, and the 119 Gallery, all in Lowell, MA; the Fitchburg Art Museum in Fitchburg, MA; Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA; and at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles, CA.